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FBI & Homeland Security Confirm Terrorists Entering America Through Our Southern Borders


Terrorist in America

Terrorist Cells in America

America has been home to terrorist sleeper cells for some time now, with Detroit and New York City topping the list with the most predominant population of cells. It’s really no surprise that they’re still entering into America at an alarming rate. They have a vendetta to destroy the United States of America. It also should be no surprise that they’re coming in through our porous southern borders. The Department of Homeland Security has been tracking terrorists in the U.S. coming in from Mexico, and intelligence suggests that the majority of them are Taliban coming from Somolia. There are even reports of training facilities just inside the Mexican border that train and teach terrorists how to infiltrate and blend into the American culture until the time comes for them to carry out their mission.


Islamic Terrorist Network in America

Terrorist in America: Patiently Waiting

Islamic terrorist are very patient. They have long-term goals, and they understand the importance of planning to do things correctly, as seen in the September 11, 2001 attacks. That wasn’t the first time that Islamic terrorists attacked the World Trade Centers. In 1993, Islamic terrorists used truck bombs in the parking garage of the World Trade Centers that effectively destroyed 7 stories of the building. After that failed attempt at destroying the WTC buildings, the same terrorists would lay dormant for nearly a decade… patiently awaiting their next opportunity.

What happened next was a prime example of their willingness to be patient. A plan that 8 years earlier was only responsible for taking out 7 floors of a single building and only killing 7 people, turned into the successful destruction of two 110 story buildings, a massive attack on the Pentagon, and a downed aircraft killing nearly 3,000 innocent Americans. It only took Islamic terrorists 8 years to increase the impact of their attack by almost FIVE THOUSAND PERCENT. Yes, you read that correctly… now imagine what they are planning for their next attack.

FBI & Homeland Security Confirm Terrorists Entering America

The San Antonio Express-News reports:

They could be the people on the bus seat across the aisle, or the neighbors: members of East African groups that a recently released government memorandum says are “ready to die for the cause.”

The FBI and Homeland Security Department don’t know where they all are. And it’s unclear if they know how many arrived.

But in a rare admission, a Justice Department memo and other documents obtained by the San Antonio Express-News say federal authorities know terror suspects are in this country and know who allegedly helped bring them here through Mexico and Texas: a Somali man in custody near San Antonio.

According to the news report, the FBI has been trying to untangle a web of contacts surrounding a man named Ahmed Muhammed Dhakane, 24, who has been in custody since 2008, and is considered a “national security threat.”

New documents “paint him as a facilitator of groups accused of funding terrorism. They also allege he smuggled potential terrorists here.” Some of the people he smuggled into the U.S. may still be roaming American streets.

Five of Dhakane’s clients are listed in the memo — Mohamded Ma’alin, Mohammed Ereg, aka “Idris,” Hassan Yare and two whose last names authorities didn’t know: Adani and Abirizak, aka “Al Qaeda.”

Three of them are known to have entered the U.S., according to the memo.

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