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Operation Blitzkrieg: Anonymous Claims Neo-Nazi Ties to Ron Paul

Operation Blitzkrieg: Anonymous Claims Neo-Nazi Ties to Ron Paul

The Ron Paul Racial Stigma

Whether it’s true or not never matters in politics. All that matters is what the media reports, and if you say a lie enough times then it will eventually become the truth in the respect that it’s validity won’t matter once the brand is seared into a person’s character. We saw the same thing happen with Herman Cain as soon as he started to rise in the polls.

There is a long-standing, possibly shallow, stigma that has been attached to Ron Paul in regards to him having racists tendencies, like hating Jews and black people. He published a magazine years ago that had a trend of making what some may call racists comments, there have been some questionable interviews that he’s given, and now Anonymous is pretty bent on ousting Ron Paul with Operation Blitzkrieg in an attempt to connect him to Neo-Nazi groups. This could get interesting.

Anonymous Hacks Neo-Nazis & Finds Ron Paul Connections

Article by Chad Nance at

The good folks of Anonymous have hacked into and defaced the website of an neo-Nazi, American nationalist party, claiming it had connections with Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. Hacktivist attacked and took possession of the website belonging to American Third Position Party (A3P), a white nationalist party which has connections with neo-Nazi and extreme right-wing organisations.

A statement posted on the hacked homepage claims that the organization attempts to maintain a professional public image to hide its underbelly of racism and xenophobia. The hack includes several private messages from forums, personal emails, notes, names, phone numbers and home addresses of A3P members

Anonymous also reported that the organization has links with GOP professional Presidential candidate Ron Paul. “We found a disturbingly high number of members who are also involved in campaigning for Ron Paul,” the statement said, adding that Paul had regularly met with many party members and even engaged in conference calls with its board of directors.

Anonymous zeroed in on A3P webmaster, Jamie Kelso. According to the hacker collective, Kelso, a former Scientologist and organiser for Paul campaign events, is also the account owner of neo-Nazi forums and websites. The hacktivists said they also hacked Kelso’s credit card and made donations to anti-fascist organisations, such as the Anti-Defamation League.

“We call upon not only other anti-fascists but all those opposed to white supremacy to utilise this information and make hell for these white nationalist scumbags,” the statement added. “It is essential, if we wish to live in a world free from oppression, to expose and confront racists at their jobs, their schools, at their homes and in the streets.” This new action is part of an ongoing campaign called Operation Blitzkrieg, which is aimed at attacking and exposing the websites of neo-Nazi organisations in Europe and the United States.

“According to these messages, Ron Paul has regularly met with many A3P members, even engaging in conference calls with their board of directors,” read a statement from Anonymous.

Anonymous also pointed out that Paul received financial support from other white power groups, such as the online hate forum Stormfront, founded by Don Black, a white supremacist. Paul allegedly refused to return donations from Black and Stormfront. Black told The New York Times that Paul’s newsletter had inspired him to become a supporter.

Kelso, account owner of other German Nazi forums as well, became an active supporter of Paul in 2007. He was reportedly attracted to Paul because he believed the Republican’s followers would be receptive to his white supremacist views. He described Paul as “implicitly white” and started to actively organise Paul’s events. “Let’s appreciate this big (Paul) audience that’s overwhelmingly white,” Kelso said in an interview with the Southern Poverty Law Center. “This is our audience, this is our public. These are our people. If we can’t persuade these people of the rightness of our cause, then we’re finished,” he said.

Excerpts from the email hacked by Anonymous show Kelso’s commitment to Paul’s policies. In 2009 Kelso wrote to a supporter: “My own opinion is that the White revolution has already begun, and that the good White folks like Quinn (a member of A3P) that fills these Ron Paul crowds and marching armies ARE the start of the revolution.”

In a 2011 email from someone who goes by the name “Penn Dutch” and appears to be close to Paul, the author expressed his resentment of the way Kelso was treated at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CAPC): “Jamie, just wanted you to know that I thought it was ashame (sic) that you were treated so badly at the CPAC meeting. I intend to let Ron Paul know that you have a large following, and are well respected by many White people.”

Kelso also appears to have made his team available to Paul’s campaign. In an email dated 2009, he wrote to an Alexander Hamilton: “Imbar is Ron Paul #2 man in Illinois. Owns his own manufacturing company. Young guy like you, Jeff (Imbar) and I have been buddies for years. We met up with Ron Paul in Ames, Iowa in Aug. 2007.”

Now the conspiracy theories can begin. You know… how Anonymous is now abviously part of the New World Order and are being funded by some fanged, Jewish, banker who lives in a cave with the Rothchild’s. Paul never had a chance in hell of getting any sort of major traction, but now with Anonymous pointed at him and his campaign things might be taking a turn for the worst.


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