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2011 Trends & Stats For

2011 Trends & Stats For

2011 Trends & Stats For

2011 has finally come to a close, and I’m facing 2012 head on with some big goals in store for this website.

I continue to be thankful for the those that follow my website regularly, as well as those that stumble upon it accidentally… and even to those that read it in spite.

My website traffic and return viewers has grown tremendously. In 2010, I had 91,874 page views and 42,187 visits. My most read article was regarding Marine Combat Training, with just over 12k views.

In 2011… I was able to unleash the beast with a little bit of hard work, and some God-given talents. While I still have a LONG ways to go, I feel good about the changes and improvements that have been accomplished.

In 2011, my website’s traffic increased by more than 500% bringing in almost 250k visitors and more than 430k page views. My Marine Combat Training Article remains the most read page on my site for 2011 with 34,215 page views.

Here are my top pages in order:

Page Views
Marine Combat Training 34,215
Glock 26 Review 32,728
2012 Presidential Candidates 31,635
Marine Corps Sleeve Policy 12,937
MARSOC Workout 12,027
Remembering September 11th 11,357
USMC Reserve vs Active Duty 10,506
Sig P238 Review 9,712
What to Take to MCT 7,985
Women Serving in Combat Units

Funny, Crazy, & Weird Google Searches

Every once in a while I’ll stumble onto some funny keywords that were used to find my website. Below is my Top 20 list of funniest searched keywords in 2011.

Keyword Searched From
photo kevin webb model (I GET THIS A LOT) Google
are ron paul supporters crazy? (YES) Google
marines needing sex after boot camp (IS THAT A QUESTION?) Google
crazy nude family portrait (WRONG WEBSITE) Google
kevin webb receives millions (WRONG KEVIN) Google
do the marines have naked boot camp (WHAT?) Google
will next president be a female? (NO) Google
kevin webb sucks (WRONG KEVIN AGAIN) Google
will you die in the reserves (NEVER) Google
will smoking spice fail a drug test (HUH?)
do gays use sex toys (WHO IN THE WORLD…)
gay army men having sex in boot camp (WHY ARE YOU TYPING THIS???)
will my marine cheat on me while at mct? (IF THEY DO, THEN YOU ARE UGLY)
will marine bootcamp make me ripped (LITERALLY)
will homosexuals who become hiv positive still be discharged? (CREEPY)
why cant i poop during boot camp? (DID YOU REALLY THINK GOOGLE WOULD ANSWER THAT?)
what if i suck at bootcamp (DADT)
can gays be flamboyant while in uniform in the us military? (NEXT QUESTION)
island women with genetically big butts (WINNER)

Interesting Facts from 2011

• North Dakota produces my highest percentage of “New Visitors” possibly relating increased internet access within the state.

• Visitors from South Carolina spend the highest average amount of time on the site at 5 minutes and 4 seconds. They’re either very interested, or they have trouble reading :)

• The state with the highest bounce rate is Wyoming.

• Marine Corps related articles make up 30% of my viewing traffic.

• 682 visitors to my site used my name as the search term.

• October was my highest month of traffic in 2011.

• The most visits I had in a single day was 5,208.

About Kevin Webb

I am passionate about life and the idea of the American dream – that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are the essence of the American idea. I have a passion for presenting conservative analysis and exposing any agenda that threatens the Constitutional ideology of the United States of America (sarcasm sometimes included). I am a United States Marine, a husband, a father, a son, a brother, and most importantly, a God-fearing Christian. I love basketball, camping, fitness, family, working in the community, and I confess to being a responsible Bible-toting, gun-clinging American patriot.

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