The hardest aspect of my Crucible was the weather. Read my story here. Outside of the fact that the puddles turned to ice and the mud was frozen… the actual Crucible isn’t that bad. I can’t say whether going through in the extreme cold is worse than going through in the extreme heat, but going through the Crucible in January was no fun. If you’ve never felt the beginning stages of frostbite, just imagine sticking your feet in a bucket of broken glass, and then churning it.

At any rate, here are a few tips for the Marine Corps Crucible.

Marine Corps

#5 – Drink Water
You’ll be told this more times than you care to hear, and they will make you sick repeating it, but the last thing you want is to dehydrate 3 days before getting your Eagle, Globe and Anchor.

#4 – Come Together As A Team
The Crucible is testing you… and the recruit next to you. Teamwork is essential in completing the crucible and overcoming the various mental and physical obstacles that you will face. Don’t try to meet the challenges alone.

#3 – Wear Mole Skins
Elbows, knees and feet. Trust me. Your elbows will get rubbed raw from all of the low crawling, especially once sand starts getting in your sleeves. This is probably the best advice that I was given before boot camp. I’m just passing it along.

#2 – Take Care Of Your Feet
Ever hiked 50+ miles with giant blisters on your feet? Don’t take care of your feet during the Crucible and you’ll know exactly what that feels like. Change socks, keep your feet clean and dry. Wipe them down with baby wipes and change socks at least once a day. Two to three times a day during hot or wet weather.

#1 – Don’t Quit
You’ll at least think about it at some point, especially in two degree weather. Just stay focused on the goal of beating the Crucible and crossing the finish line. It’s really not that bad if you have fun while you’re out there.