This website frequently has searches for shaving at boot camp. This is always one of the inflated worries that some military recruits, especially Marine recruits get when arriving to boot camp. Well, here’s the details you’re looking for in a nutshell. This information on shaving, is based on my personal experiences at Marine Corps Boot Camp.

How Often Do You Have to Shave at Boot Camp?

For most recruits at boot camp, you’ll be shaving once a day. It will be part of your morning routine (shave face, brush teeth and make head calls). However, if you’re one of those 5 o’clock shadow kinda guys… then you’ll be shaving 2, or even 3 times a day.

As a group, you’ll have about 3 minutes each morning to shave, brush your teeth and make head calls. Sometimes you will have the option to decide the order, and sometimes you’ll be walked through each step at the Drill Instructor’s pace. If you’re slow, then expect some “special attention” from the Drill Instructors.

I never used shaving cream at boot camp. It was a waste of time and created more cleanup. The shaving cream can also create a mess inside of your hygiene bag, so I just did without.

You’ll get pretty good at shaving in 20-30 seconds, no problem.

What Type of Razor Do They Issue?

Our platoon was issued the Gillette Fusion, which is the best razor out there. This is some good news. You won’t be using cheap disposable razors.

Shaving Chits: What If You Get Bad razor Bumps?

If you are prone to getting razor bumps, then they do offer shave chits. You have to request to go to medical and get an official shave chit. However, in my experience, the Drill Instructors hated recruits that had shave chits.

One guy in our platoon had a shave chit, and he actually ended up with some Drill Instructor shaving assistance… for about 30 minutes. Guess the Drill Instructor just really wanted to help the guy ;)