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Christmas in Boot Camp

Christmas in Boot Camp

For families and friends of Marine Corps recruits, Christmas can be a lonely time of reflection, and sometimes a small glimpse as to what their military future of missed holidays might be like. Moms and girlfriends are anxious to find out if they can visit their recruit during Christmas, and what types of gifts (if any) they are allowed to send.

While I cannot speak on what the West Coast Christmas traditions are, I can tell you that on the East Coast at Parris Island, the only visitors that recruits will get are from their drill instructors. You can read about my Christmas Boot Camp experience here.

I would definitely recommend sending your recruit a Christmas card at the least. If they are toward the end of Phase 2 or in Phase 3, then I would say you’re safe sending a small package of protein bars for the platoon. Don’t send anything nice that only your recruit can have – make it a platoon gift and it will be much better received by the Drill Instructors.

It’s also possible that some platoons will have earned a phone call home. My platoon did not, but I have heard of it happening. Try not to get your hopes up on this one, but it is a possibility.

Merry Christmas & Semper Fi!

Sgt Webb

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