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SOG FastHawk Tomahawk Review & Pictures

SOG FastHawk Tomahawk Review & Pictures

SOG Fasthawk Tomahawk Review (Pictures Below)

If you’re looking for am affordable tomahawk that can take a beating, fit comfortably into small spaces, and not add much weight to your load, then the SOG FastHawk Tomahawk will be just what you’re looking for. To top it off, it looks pretty darn good too.

SOG FastHawk Features

There are many uses for a tomahawk, so don’t limit yourself into thinking this is just a weapon that Indians used 500 years ago. Modern tomahawks are built to be tools that function as a multi-tool. The SOG FastHawk tomahawk has 3 primary features: The axe blade, the reverse side spike, and the dual-sided hammer. We’ll discuss each of these below.

Axe Blade
The axe side of the SOG FastHawk is design for throwing, chopping, and even light prying. It has two smoothly designed holes to lighten the load and provide better weight distribution. The axe blade comes very sharp, and it appears to have a clear coating on the blade.

The spike is not design to be a cutting tool, so its edge is not sharpened as such. The SOG FastHawk spike is rather made for puncturing steel, breaking rock, and would do well to provide plenty of damage in a self-defense situation.

Both sides of the SOG FastHawk have a checkered rectangle designed for hammering. It is located in the center of the FastHawk.

Blade, Handle & Sheath Materials
The SOG FastHawk head is made from 420 stainless steel (51-53 HRC) and is coated in a scratch resistant, black oxide finish that reduces reflection and enhances corrosion resistance. The handle is made from a fiberglass nylon. The sheath is made from nylon and has 3 buttons to lock the sheath in.

SOG FastHawk Price

The SOG FastHawk can be purchased for between $25-$40. I bought mine from Amazon for $26 + Shipping & Tax. You can get them at Bass Pro for around $38, and most websites sell them online for around $35.

SOG FastHawk Tomahawk Specs

Blade Length 2.75″ x .26″
Overall Length 15.75″
Weight 24 oz.
Edge Straight
Steel 420
HRC 51-53
Handle Fiberglass/Nylon
Finish Hardcased Black
Sheath Nylon
Country of Origin China

SOG FastHawk Pictures

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